23 replies on “MNT vs. Canada: Highlights – June 7, 2011”

  1. maybe the greatest shot, but not the greatest goal. It’s not like this was some championship game or something.

  2. That last sequence looks like Howard putting on a clinic. This guy is going to make some money post-career.

  3. it would’ve but it got deflected by Canada defender. but like you said would have been spectacular

  4. not gonna happen. nba is bigger than the epl by the way. nfl is 3 times bigger. they will have to coexist. 7 footers and 300 pounders arent necessary in the beautiful game anyway.

  5. I was at that game, sitting right behind him as he made all those crazy saves… amazing

  6. @NorthWeezy2010… Youre so right! Usa would be so much better if they actually focused more on the sport! However, Canada has a lot of potential! If it wasnt for howard, Canada wouldve scored at least 2 goals! 😀 but Mexico is still my fave team! :D!

  7. you must not know about US soccer either if you can’t see the talent we’re bringing up

  8. Im guessing freekick129 is canadian? ’cause the US team isnt so young.
    And the best player Landon is getting old he doesnt play like he use to anymore.

  9. See, if you yanks stop pissing around with NFL and NBA and focused on soccer, you guys would be BEAST

  10. I LOVE the police officers that are behind the goal post when Dempsey makes the goal at 3:30. They’re like “YEAH!” (:

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