1. AngelBearOH

    At stake: Lord Stanley’s … salt shaker.

  2. jonesy1323

    No red wings, go st. Luis blues

  3. Kim Isaksson

    I thought the same as Zetterberg. “I’ts Finland”. Of course he lost!

  4. LovingHacking


  5. gnicredwings13

    datsyuk is hillarious.

  6. Barbaro2012

    “I win against Hank I win against you both!” lol go Pavz!

  7. mobious666

    Pavel is so funney. “Linstrom from the red line.” “my chanes? allways good chances.” lol

  8. LaughterIsMyMedicine

    Gotta love the Euro Twins. Pavs hilarious he’s my hero!