Minnesota’s expansion club will compete in the MLS by 2017

It was confirmed by the MLS that Minnesota would get an expansion club by March of 2015, even though this announcement was made by the head officials of the American League, the expansion couldn’t immediately compete in the MLS as they were still working out their plans of building a new stadium.

Minnesota United FC are currently in the process of constructing a 20,000 seat venue and this stadium will become their home ground after it’s finished. The expected total cost of constructing this stadium is expected to be around $150 million.

The MLS board of governors have voiced their desire to expand the American League to up to 28 teams and it’s already expected that by 2020 the league will have 24 teams which is 4 more teams than what are currently competing in the season of 2016-17.

Dr.McGuire is the majority owner of Minnesota United FC and he has recently talked about the stadium which is being constructed and he said: “We have designed what will be a state-of-the-art facility that is ideal for soccer and will optimize the experience for our diverse and passionate fans, as well as that of the players. It complements the Snelling-Midway neighborhood and community, and we are confident that it will drive additional investment and development in the area.”

While Minnesota United’s home stadium is being built, they will temporarily play their upcoming home matches at the TCF Bank Stadium in the University of Minnesota.

Minnesota United FC are currently competing in the 2nd division North American Soccer League but their transition to the MLS is expected to be completed by 2017 and they are scheduled to compete in the Major League Soccer in the upcoming season of 2017-18.