1. Brandondanny100

    Yeah,yeah at 5:14 adjust yo pimp hat.LoL

  2. TAMPABAY3000

    Where is this lake nice bass.

  3. Dallon White

    Bass yes, that is what is being caught in the video. crappie it is possible, but I doubt any will hit it. sunfish the swimbait is 8 inches long, longer then most sunfish, try using a worm.

  4. rapidshots1218

    texasrebel98 these are bigger than 2 pounds. i would say the biggest is 4 to 5 pounds at most. nice vid…

  5. GriffManProductions

    does it work for catching bass crappie and sunfish?

  6. Dallon White

    don’t really care to pick any music for it, just listen to your own music 🙂

  7. Dallon White

    yes it sure is.

  8. Dallon White

    negative, they are bigger.

  9. Dallon White

    8″ pike swimbait by life like lures.

  10. GriffManProductions

    what kind of lure is that?

  11. texasrebel98

    those are like 2 pounds at the most. that’s not big at all.

  12. CNeith84420

    looks like a excellent place to fish!

  13. fishing352

    good fish bad sound

  14. SanFoutofmyA

    pretty much everyone releases black bass (largemouth).
    nice catches . diddnt see anything ” massive giant” though

  15. Eric Bdro

    i like your style , catch and release! its nice to see that there is at least someone else in this world thats not a fuckin poacher

  16. Dallon White

    it’s not urban, prob one of the most remote areas in the country of usa.

  17. Dallon White

    bowstring river

  18. Dallon White


  19. Dallon White

    life like pike swimbait.

  20. Dallon White


  21. Dallon White


  22. Dallon White

    life like pike swimbait

  23. Dallon White

    life like pike swimbait.

  24. Dallon White


  25. Dallon White

    bowstring river in mn, it’s on a reservation so you need to get a reservation fishing license to fish here. it is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, there is better places to fish btw.