25 replies on “Massive giant Largemouth Bass every cast.”

  1. Bass yes, that is what is being caught in the video. crappie it is possible, but I doubt any will hit it. sunfish the swimbait is 8 inches long, longer then most sunfish, try using a worm.

  2. texasrebel98 these are bigger than 2 pounds. i would say the biggest is 4 to 5 pounds at most. nice vid…

  3. pretty much everyone releases black bass (largemouth).
    nice catches . diddnt see anything ” massive giant” though

  4. i like your style , catch and release! its nice to see that there is at least someone else in this world thats not a fuckin poacher

  5. bowstring river in mn, it’s on a reservation so you need to get a reservation fishing license to fish here. it is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, there is better places to fish btw.

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