1. dertyhype

    Heat are just getting better every game come on big three lets get that ring

  2. snoopyalien24

    Chalamers should stay at starter then Cole as backup because he is too quick for most second units

  3. WiltisGod

    me too. chalmers is okay but when heat play playoff type teams he completely shuts down and doesnt even look to make plays.

  4. szczalek1

    What’s the name of the song in background ?

  5. Roger Medina

    Wow miami really outdid themselves. I still hate Lebron tho , he better not get that ring

  6. keyntankeye

    Cole!! MVP

  7. UndisclosedPP

    Chalmers is doing good, always has a good number of steals and assists. Early days, he’ll improve his possession too. Great work by NOFEARCOLE

  8. mysteriousguy101

    Mario Chalmers better watch his starting spot! But I really want Norris to take it. :P