Mesut Ozil to Make Move into MLS

High chances are there that Mesut Ozil might revive his career in the MLS in the coming year. But for that, he will need Arsenal for subsidizing his wage. The international player from Germany has fallen out of service along with Unai Emery. He has not been able to make his squad from the past five years. Though he has got a little bit of support from the experts and his fans, it was revealed recently that the decision of him to leave was backed by the owners of the club.

Ozil has insisted that he did not think of leaving the club till the time his contract expired. But he changed his mind when he came to know that everyone associated with the club wanted him to leave. Several MLS teams are in open talks with the representatives for him so that they can bring back the German to the United States. Sources have revealed that DC United wants him to replace Wayne Rooney who is ready to make a return to English football with the help of Derby County. MLS LA Galaxy reportedly wants Ozil in replace of Zlatan Ibrahimovic because he also has plans for a move.

Inter Miami which is led by David Beckham can be treated as another alternative to the former midfielder from England as he is looking forward to sign as a marquee player. The current salary for Mesut Ozil is £350,000 per week which is much more than what each of the MLS teams can afford to pay him. If it happens that the international player from Germany gets convinced to make a move and join any of the MLS teams, then it will be mandatory for Arsenal to contribute more than 60 percent of his current wage.