Arena will make use of MLS players

New United States national team coach Bruce Arena has indicated that he will be taking full advantage of the talents that play in the Major League Soccer.

Indeed the national team is planning a training camp in January that will allow the new coach to assess the resources he has at his disposal.

Bruce Arena said that he estimates that there are around 10 to 20 players that currently play outside the United States and that might be eligible to play for the national team. As a result, he feels that the majority of the players will be coming from the Major League Soccer.

When asked whether players playing in European leagues are better than the ones in the Major League Soccer he said that it all depends on whether the players are getting enough playing time. He said that you might be in the biggest club in Europe but if you are spending most of the time on the bench then this might not be useful.

He said as a player you need to play regurlaly so as to remain fit and improve your match sharpness. Bruce Arena stated that he always encourage players to play in an environment where they can perform well and where they play regularly.

Bruce Arena said that the United States national team has some good players, but they might be short in some positions at the moment. He said that he would need first to assess the squad and then devise a tactic that will make the best use of the players he has available.

He believes that will require determination as well as hard work the players can perform well and ensure they win their qualification for the next World Cup that will be held in Russia in 2018.