Peter Vermes fumes at the match officials after losing against Colorado Rapids

Sporting Kansas City sustained their 3rd successive defeat in the MLS on August 30 after facing off with Colorado Rapids which was played at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Denver.

The final scoreboard of the game was 2-1 with the home team claiming the victory but the manager of Sporting Kansas City was not satisfied on the decisions that the match officials made during the game, Peter Vermes stated that his team deserved more from that game and that it wasn’t their opponents who won, it was the guys who were refereeing the encounter.

Peter Vermes voiced his frustration towards the match officials of the game as he said: “Did we deserve more out of this game? Yes. The other team didn’t beat us. What beat us was the guys who are supposed to be the impartial guys reffing the game. They are the ones that beat us, for the second week in a row.”

The match was tightly contested between both teams but Sporting Kansas City had the upper hand in possession by a slight margin as well as with more shots being launched.

There was an incident that occurred in the game which involved Vicente Sanchez of Colorado Rapids and the defender Seth Sinovic. Seth made contact with Sanchez and he fell down before eventually touching the ball but no whistle was blown for either the tackle of Seth Sinovic or for the handball.

Vermes had something to say involving this event as the manager of Sporting Kansas City said: “The guy goes down and grabs the ball with his hands, right in front of the AR1, the fourth official, and the center referee and the handball’s not called. So they run in with the ball, because the guy gets a second bite of the apple, and he goes in and he gets a chance to score when everybody knows it’s a handball on the field. Everyone.”