15 replies on “NBA Draft Lottery 2012 – With Anthony Davis Interview (HD)”

  1. yeah thats cuz they can’t win at anything. i bet i could beat the whole team 1 on 5 smh jp lol

  2. obviously corrupt “thanks for taking this sh-tty franchise off our hands, here’s Anthony Davis on a silver platter” lol…and Davis get those eyebrows waxed already!!

  3. There was. 75 percent chance Charlotte wouldn’t get the top pick. Lets not act like it was a stunner. With a Anthony Davis I’m assuming with Eric Gordon. If they could land Kendall Marshall with the 10th pick that would be amazing

  4. Lol @ 3:17. The asian dude’s face when he realizes the Bobcats didn’t get the 1st pick is priceless

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