1. weezy5296

    @DiceyJJ dumb fucker

  2. weezy5296

    @dakidwright84 dumb fucker

  3. MyThecreed

    Michael Jordan is a curse for the bobcats

  4. ErikMmoney17

    What about the other teams?

  5. poopinghurtsmyanus

    the hornets need a new logo

  6. dakidwright84

    david stern showed his true colors here. he fixed this pick.

  7. swagg dmvboy

    yeah thats cuz they can’t win at anything. i bet i could beat the whole team 1 on 5 smh jp lol

  8. tttimosk

    Hipster Bieber in 3:10

  9. joshieboy93

    bobcats cant even win the lottery pick

  10. 15cents12

    Was that a kid

  11. DiceyJJ

    obviously corrupt “thanks for taking this sh-tty franchise off our hands, here’s Anthony Davis on a silver platter” lol…and Davis get those eyebrows waxed already!!

  12. saintswarrior9

    HORNETS BABY!!!!!!! HORNETS!!!!!!!!

  13. BmoreBirds22

    There was. 75 percent chance Charlotte wouldn’t get the top pick. Lets not act like it was a stunner. With a Anthony Davis I’m assuming with Eric Gordon. If they could land Kendall Marshall with the 10th pick that would be amazing

  14. reefergladness

    yep, you can feel the pain!

  15. Cjjr72984

    Lol @ 3:17. The asian dude’s face when he realizes the Bobcats didn’t get the 1st pick is priceless