Columbus Crew suffered a major setback in their efforts to progress to the MLS cup conference finals after suffering a 4-2 defeat against New England in the first leg. Despite this defeat, Columbus Crew are understood to be highly confident of progressing with a much improved performance in the second leg. This will be extremely difficult with the second leg being away from home. The fact that Columbus need to win this match by three goals makes it even more tough for the away team. Ethan Finlay stated that nothing other than the 3-0 victory or better is acceptable.

Even though the prospect of having to score 3 goals away from home seems daunting, Columbus can take heart from their record in recent seasons. The club has managed to score a minimum of three goals in seven games. Apart from this, they also have managed to defeat New England Revolution two times this year, and won bragging rights accoding to

Defender Tyson Wahl refused to give up on the prospect of reaching the next stage. Columbus Crew players are also aware that they need to be on the offensive from the start in order to have a chance of this mammoth comeback. An early goal will provide them with a lot of confidence.

Columbus Crew finished three points behind New England Revolution in the Eastern conference table. “You just have to. Three goals, 3-0. That’s the goal. Nothing else is acceptable. We won’t be thinking about anything else. We know the task at hand, and they do too,” said Ethan Finlay. “Looking ahead, there’s obviously a chance to win. We’ve scored three goals before, and we know we can beat this team. We just have to be better than we were tonight,” said Tyson Wahl. “We still have faith. We can put three goals,” added Justin Meram.