Bruce Arena pleased with Emmanuel Boateng so far

LA Galaxy coach Bruce Arena said that he was pleased with Emmanuel Boateng so far.

The player was signed in January from Swedish club Helsingborgs but has yet to earn a regular place in the starting line-up.

Bruce Arena said that he was impressed by Boateng’s pace, and this is what has motivated him to sign him. He said with his pace he can cause a lot of problems for the opposition defence and can also be useful on a counter-attack.

However, the LA Galaxy coach believes that Boateng needs some time to adapt to the League and once he is fit we will be able to see his abilities. So far, he is pleased with his progress and development and believes that with time he will become even better.

Boateng already made a name for himself in the game against Real Salt Lake, which LA Galaxy won 5-2. The 22-year old player scored one goal and made 2 assists during the match and won the MLS Player of the Week award.

Boateng said that it was a pleasure for him to win this honor and also be playing with his childhood hero, Steven Gerrard. He stated that he is a fan of the former Liverpool player since he was 11 years old and that it is a huge pleasure for him to play alongside a player of his stature. He hopes that he will continue to progress and that he will have a successful career with LA Galaxy.

Boateng said that he has learned a lot since coming to the team and that the older players have been providing him with tips to improve. He said that even Steven Gerrard was providing him guidance on how to position himself on the pitch and help him time his runs.